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Home Fires lives on illustration

That's right folks we can finally reveal that our beloved Home Fires has a new lease of life, this time in an exciting new book format. Thanks to the fabulous new partnership between Simon Block, writer and creator of Home Fires and the lovely folk over at Bonnier Zaffre publishing we will be able to continue our journey with the wonderful women of Great Paxford. Much like the wartime adage 'Loose lips sink ships' Kerryn and myself have been sworn to secrecy up until this point, but are both supremely happy we can now shout it from the rooftops and share the news with our fellow homies. A little under a year ago we all felt utterly bereft at the sudden cancellation of our show and in the months that followed a real community of passionate and witty campaigners was born. Just one look around this website shows all the incredible things we've achieved together and this really is the icing on the cake! Each and every one of you have played a massive part in getting us to where we are now and we can't thank you enough. Finally we can all now look forward to having some of those questions answered, Who survived that shocking cliffhanger? Will Pat reunite with Marek? Will Bob face karmic justice? and What's going to happen to the Barden's factory? I know we'll have lots of fun discussing the stories as they unfold, and I for one can't wait to see what wonderful writing Simon has in store for us next!

So how will this all work I hear you ask...for this I'm going to hand you over to the official press release from Bonnier Zaffre...



The story of the women of Great Paxford Women’s Institute continues with Bonnier Zaffre!


Publishing Director, Eleanor Dryden has acquired three books from creator of smash-hit ITV series HOME FIRES, S. Block. UK and Comm rights were acquired in a spirited auction from Gordon Wise at Curtis Brown, in association with ITV. The first of the three novels – KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING – will pick up from the jaw-dropping finale of the second series (aired May 16 2016) and propel readers – series fans and newcomers alike – through the heartrending stories of the women of Great Paxford as they live through WW2 on the home front.


The final episode of the ITV series was watched by 5.5 millions viewers. News of the series’ cancellation inspired fans to launch a ‘Bring Back Home Fires’ campaign, which generated national press coverage and secured nearly 40,000 signatures on an online petition. Only last week Home Fires topped a Radio Times poll asking which cancelled TV show viewers most wanted back. In response to overwhelming demand from fans of the series, Bonnier Zaffre is delighted to be taking this compelling story forward in novel form!

The books:

1940, Great Paxford, Cheshire. In Britain’s darkest hour, an extraordinary community of women strives to protect the Home Front. When a fighter plane crashes in the village, each member of the Great Paxford Women’s Institute will see their lives changed forever …


The first novel in the series, KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING, will publish as a 4-part ebook serial with a part releasing each month from July 2017, and as a complete novel in paperback and ebook this autumn.  Part One of currently untitled Book Two publishes in ebook form in Spring 2018. 


KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING marks the launch , too, of the Bonnier Zaffre Memory Lane online community. Visit www.MemoryLane.Club to sign up for the newsletter, access special content, and to be the first to know all the Keep The Home Fires Burning news!


#HomeFiresReturns Novel Image

Eleanor Dryden, Publishing Director of Bonnier Zaffre, says: Each one of the extraordinary, inspiring, flawed, and courageous female characters of Great Paxford’s Women’s Institute captured my heart, and these are exactly the stories we need more of! Block’s writing is completely addictive and I feel very lucky to be publishing these books in such an exciting way. It’s also a real honour to be working alongside the passionate champions of the ‘Bring Back Home Fires’ campaign.


S Block says: When ITV chose not to re-commission the series I was all set to take my characters through the next few months of their lives on the homefront. Their stories were all planned, yet I was left with little choice but to accept the channel’s decision. But suddenly I saw the remarkable and totally unexpected reaction of fans of the show on social media. It was as extraordinary as it was moving. They began Tweeting furiously. Within a few days 20,000 people had signed a petition asking for the decision to be reversed. It rose by thousands every day, despite the fact that the news wasn’t widely known. I was completely unprepared for and humbled by the outpouring of love for the show, and for the level of disappointment people felt because they weren’t going to be able to continue to enjoy the journey of these characters through the war. The brilliantly witty and energetic campaign for the show was reported on national television, radio, and in the press, both here and abroad. I was contacted by people from all over the world asking if it was possible to continue the Home Fires story in some way. The W.I. asked all of its members to add their voice, and many well-known figures did the same. People on social media began to ask me if it might not be possible to continue the stories as books. It was at that point I began to seriously consider the idea. If it couldn’t continue on television, why not in book form? Novels are adapted for the screen all the time, why not the other way round? The stories I’d been ready to write leant themselves perfectly. Fortunately, Bonnier Zaffre felt the same, and a unique partnership has emerged where – for the first time in our knowledge - a saga initiated on television will be continued in a series of novels, picking up precisely where the TV show ended and continuing as planned. The aim is that those familiar with the TV show will be able to seamlessly continue with the books; while those new to the world of Home Fires will swiftly find themselves brought up to speed and immersed in the stories of the women of Great Paxford. Without the incredible support and desire of the show’s fans to have the story continue this would not have happened. I can’t thank them enough for their passion, humour, and determination to see Home Fires continue. I can’t wait for them to embark on the next part of the story with the characters they have so brilliantly taken to their hearts, and kept alive in their imaginations. It’s extremely exciting to be going forward together in this way.

I'm sure you'll agree with us that Home Fires couldn't have found a better home, Bonnier Zaffre and Simon have been incredibly inclusive throughout this whole process and as you can see are big fans of the campaign. So much so, they have very kindly given Kerryn and I the honour of being the first to break the news publicly and in a way that means homies are the very first people to find out about this wonderful development. So let's do what homies do best: celebrate in style! Share the news far and wide using the hashtag #HomeFiresReturns across social media. I'd say this calls for tea and cake all round!

If like us you can't wait to get your hands on the books, you can get your copies by clicking the 'Order Now' buttons below and following the links.

Complete 3rd Novel

(Due for release Nov 2020)

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 15.21.36.png

E-book Version


Paperback Version



Once again to all the other lovely international fans if you search for 'A Woman's Courage S Block' in your local Amazon search box the complete 2nd novel versions should appear and be available for order/pre-order. I believe they are also available at Barnes and Noble for Nook and iTunes iBooks too.

A Message from writer and creator Simon Block

“I’m delighted to tell you all about my upcoming novel, the third book in the Home Fires series, A Woman’s Courage, and to share with you the terrific cover. It will be coming out in paperback on 7th January 2021 in the UK and will be available internationally too, but you’ll have the chance to read it even sooner, when the ebook comes out on the 3rd November. All your favourite characters from the last two books are back – Pat, Sarah, Teresa, Alison, the Brindsleys and more. I hope you’ll love the story, and find it well worth the wait.”

Complete 2nd Novel

(Due for release Oct 2019)


E-book Version

Paperback Version


Once again to all the other lovely international fans if you search for 'A Woman's War S Block' in your local Amazon search box the complete 2nd novel versions should appear and be available for order/pre-order. I believe they are also available at Barnes and Noble for Nook and iTunes iBooks too.

Complete 1st Novel

(All four e-books compiled together)

E-book Version

Paperback Version

Release date 3rd May 2018
(Pushed back from the original October date for details see message from Simon and publisher below)


The first novel is also available as an audiobook read by the fabulous Leanne Best who played Teresa in the TV series. If you type 'Keep the Home Fires Burning S Block' in to the search box of places like Audible and Audiobooks you should find it and be able to purchase it.

Original E-Book instalments (1st novel broken in to parts)

Keep the Home Fires Burning - Spitfire Down! Part 1 cover

Part One - E-book

Part Two - E-book

Part Three - E-book

Part Four - E-book

To all the other lovely international fans if you search for 'Keep the Home Fires Burning S Block' in your local Amazon search box the all the e-books and complete novel versions should appear and be available for order/pre-order. I believe they are also available at Barnes and Noble for Nook and iTunes iBooks too.

Dear Homies,

I am, as ever, hugely appreciative of your enthusiasm for the characters and stories of Great Paxford, both on television and more recently in book form. Your support of the Keep the Home Fires Burning novel has been both generous and brilliant. Can’t thank you enough. Reading your reactions and feelings to what you've read has been a wonderful experience, and I’d like to thank everyone who has been following the ebook serialisation.

However, while everyone involved in its production is very much looking forward to the publication of the full-length paperback edition, the release date for this has now had to be moved to January. My sincere apologies to everyone who's been waiting for the print edition, but I have to ensure the book is as good as it can be, and the final part has simply taken a little longer than anticipated, which has had a knock-on effect on the production timetable of the printed version.

For those following the ebook serialisation and awaiting the complete ebook, the good news is that this will be published as planned. Part Three will release on Sept 21st, while Part 4 and the complete ebook will be released on October 19th. Unfortunately, even with all the technology to hand, it simply takes longer to get words onto paper and ship copies of paperbacks around the world.

Keep the Home Fires Burning will now publish in paperback on January 25th (now May 3rd). Myself and Bonnier Zaffre apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause. I want to thank you all in advance for your support and patience, and can’t wait until everyone has the copy they’ve been anticipating.



A Message from the publisher

KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING UPDATE: We know that many of you are eagerly waiting for the paperback publication of Keep the Home Fires Burning by Simon Block and we’re very sorry to have to let you know that this has been delayed. The book will now be publishing in paperback on May 3, 2018.

Unfortunately completing the book has taken longer than we had anticipated. Moving from the screen to print is an innovative and exciting project that we are so proud to be a part of, and we set ourselves a wildly ambitious deadline to ensure fans could find out as soon as possible what happened after the cliffhanger Season Two ended on. We are so sorry to delay publication. We loved Home Fires and are delighted to be able to work with Simon to continue the story. Like you we needed to know who survived the crash, how did it change the village and would Pat ever find Marek!!!! We are working hard to ensure the best possible continuation of Home Fires is in your hands a soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience and your continuing support of such a fantastic series.