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Sing Out Loud!

Creativity and wit have been the cornerstone of the whole 'Save Home Fires' campaign. When faced with the terrible news of the show's cancellation, we have all rallied together in a spirit of positivity. There is no clearer example of this than our amazing campaign single composed and performed by the wonderful Geraldine Pointing, with support from her band 'Interactive Murcia', a light hearted anthem with a serious message.

"Many have written letters and emails and tweeted until their mobile or computer is red hot. I have also done all of these things, but I am, above all, a singer/songwriter and this song, for me, is the best way I can express how strongly I feel about the present situation for ‘Home Fires’."

- Geraldine Pointing

As well as via the iTunes link above the single is also available to download on:

Amazon – UK, USA

(for other countries just search for Homies Call to Arms)

Google Play