"ITV have fallen victim to the most British of protests"

- David Stephenson, Sunday Express

One of the wonderful things about both the show Home Fires, and the wonderful book 'Jambusters' by Julie Summers on which the show is based, is the  highlighting and championing of what women on the Home Front achieved. The WI were instrumental in this and without fuss they just got things done as Julie's book beautifully illustrates. 'Operation Jam' has really been inspired by this 'can do, no-nonsense' attitude.

One of our campaigners, Geraldine Pointing, came up with the idea to start sending jars of jam to ITV and the network were soon bombarded with the best homemade and bought varieties courtesy of fans from across the globe, including many who are WI members themselves.

For more details about this sweet operation check out the campaign blog here.

Image courtesy of Rosie-Lee Vintage at The Regent

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