The #savehomefires campaign started as a predominantly online campaign, but it wasn't long before we realised that there were still millions of the show's fans that had no idea their beloved show had been cancelled.

How on earth could we draw their attention to the plight of 'our' show, well what better way than to continue to move the campaign from the virtual to the physical world. So at the request of our inspiring and lovely petition starter Kerryn Groves, a poster and acompanying flyers were designed by Jessica Taylor, that everyone can access and printout to help spread the word in their local community. Click on the links below to download your own copies and help spread the word!

Spread the Word!



1940s theme typography print Copyright Jane Katherine Houghton Designs 2016

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this beautiful limited edition 1940s themed print, created by the talented Jane Katherine Houghton Designs comissioned by the lovely Joanne Smith with the #savehomefires campaign in mind, all you have to do is send us photos of the campaign posters on display in different venues. This could be at local tea rooms, cafes, village halls, churches, newsagents, age concern centres, antique/vintage shops, gift shops etc... anywhere that will have them really! But please do remember to ask permission from those in charge first.

How to Enter:

Send your photos to us on Twitter to @monkeykezza adding #savehomefirescomp and the location of your photo, along with the photo itself, to your tweet. Alternatively, you can join the official campaign Facebook group and post it there or in the comments section of the official campaign blog here. For every new poster location you share with us you will recieve one new entry into the lucky draw, so the more posters you put up, the more entries you get!

CLOSING DATE: Deadline extended  (Our decision is final and prize is not transferable.)

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