Over 20,000 signatures in the first week!

The online petition acts as the base camp for the whole #savehomefires campaign. Every new signature increases the power of our case to bring Home Fires back to our screens, so if you haven't already signed the petition please click on the 'read more' button opposite and add your voice to the campaign.

So many of the show's fans are still in the dark about its cancellation, many of whom have little or no access to the internet and are without an e-mail address – all of which are requirements to sign the petition. To try and combat this problem, and ensure as many of the show's fans get their voices heard as possible, we have put together a paper petition that can be downloaded and printed off opposite. This would be perfect to collect names at any local events, groups, fayres etc. We will then be able to keep a running 'offline' total that can go alongside the online one.

Once the 'offline' signatures have been collected, they should be sent to Kerryn the petition custodian who can be contacted on Twitter @monkeykezza, at the campaign Facebook group or by filling in the form on our contact page.

Save Home Fires Flaming Corn Illustration Copyright Jessica Taylor 2016