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Come Join the Party!

One of the particularly heartwarming aspects of the campaign has been the camaraderie amongst supporters and the friendships that have been forged. The response of cast and crew to their fans, us viewers, has been both exciting and especially meaningful, not least during the weekly Twitterstorms, the brain child of Jessica Taylor.


Every Sunday night, at the time the series used to air – 9pm to 10pm – tweets winged their way through the ether onto the net in a friendly frenzy of activity. Memes, photos from behind the scenes (shared by cast and crew), suggestions for dealing with 'Bob' and reasons for our love of the show were accompanied by the #savehomefires to get the campaign trending and spread the word as far as possible. Our very first attempt trended at number 4 just under the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations! Wit and ingenuity have been flying from the fingers during these events, with a genuine party atmosphere, you can see for yourself in our 'Campaign Gallery'.


Over the weeks, more and more fans have joined Twitter specifically to take part and sprinted from novices to pros in minutes.


#savehomefires trending at No 4 on Twitter

Image courtesy of Gail Shevlin