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Speak Up!

Home Fires has a very vocal and passionate fanbase worldwide. Here's just a small sample of the comments shared by petitioners and links to wonderful blog posts the show has inspired:

"It seems bizarre that ITV would wish to throw away 24% of the evening prime time slot viewing share (6.3 million viewers) by not commissioning more series of Home Fires.

Stunning scripting and beautiful character development on a very believable storyline which had so much more to give.

Home Fires was, in my opinion, a saga which could have ran and ran - even to the end of the wartime and beyond as the characters adapt to a change of life in Great Paxford in the post-war era.

If no recommissioning takes place, I, for one, will be deeply, deeply disappointed in the powers-that-be at ITV."

- Lynda Bowyer, Reading, UK

Keep the Home Fires Burning...

There came a point the other night when I wondered what on earth I was doing. I had spent half an hour searching for a pitchfork emoji to add to a Twitter post. Half an hour! Like most people, I have a busy life: mine is with a young family, work, home etc. Half an hour is time I would normally grab with both hands and shout “Thank you for half an hour! Now I can squeeze in (insert activity/job etc as appropriate).” Yet in the last week I have started using emojis, taken part in a Twitter storm, sent a jar of jam to ITV, set up a blog and ranted about this so much that people at work are starting to hide from me.


- Kitty Laurence, Cheshire, UK 

"There's more jam to bust yet ITV, bring it back!"

- Lauren Chance, Stourbridge, UK

"I would really hate to see this series go off the air. We need a good story about WWII. The costumes are wonderful, not to mention the hairstyles. The development of the characters and the storyline leave me wanting more. This was my Downton Abbey fix."

- Janet Penica, Harrisburg, PA, USA

"It's a fabulous series showing how the WW2 was fought on the home front and how women helped and supported each other. There are wonderfully strong women and we need to remember that it wasn't just the men that fought. Women gave their husbands and sons. We should honor that generation, they gave SO much."

- Fiona Stanley, Pendlebury, UK

"This show is too important (females driven storytelling with multiple complex female characters) to be cancelled."

- Wenny Heng, Puchong, Malaysia

"I absolutely love this program please don't cancel it"

- Donna Spatchett, Hamilton, Canada

"A brilliantly acted and splendid drama which all the family can engage with. Please bring it back."

- Jeremy Preston, Richmond, UK

"I love this programme as do my children - they've learnt so much about the times and traditions of that era - please make another series !!"

- Lisa Weatherhead, Chelmsford, UK

Home Fires: Bring it Back!

Terrible news! Found out today that ITV won't be commissioning another series of Home Fires. Quite rightly, somebody has started a petition to bring it back. Please sign it, here.

Now I know it's only a TV show and there's shit going on in the world and all that but humans need stories. Stories show us how to deal with difficult situations and how to behave with dignity. Humans tell stories abut things that are important. And if you don't ever see people like yourselves in stories then you easily get to thinking that's because you're not important.

- UrsulaWrites, Bristol, UK 

"Wonderful series, such a shame to leave it like this.."

- Maral Mohsenin, Lausanne, Switzerland

"I was absolutely dumbfounded to hear that ITV had decided to decommission Home Fires.

With the debate about 'quality programming' roaring ever on, it seems ridiculous that the network would choose to throw away a drama that has captured the hearts of viewers (over 6 million of them, no less) with stories about important fictionalised but historically worthy characters from our past. As a conduit to tell oft forgotten accounts of female experience in wartime, Home Fires was a fantastic opportunity to fill the void left by former ITV successes, such as Downton Abbey.

With fantastic acting, beautiful costuming and design and sumptuous cinematography, Home Fires had the potential to run for years to come. It's not easy to create characters that viewers care about, but it safe to say that Simon Black and the rest of the team certainly succeeded in this challenge. I hope the outrage this news has caused is a testament to that.

And it had one of the best TV themes of recent times. What more could we ask for? Please rethink this decision, ITV."

- Evangeline Spachis, Leeds, UK

"We need to support female-led shows, well-written drama, and interest in a period of history that was crucial for us all."

- Alex Randall, Shipston-on-Stour, UK

"It's great to see female led drama that a whole family can enjoy together."

- Richard Standing, Hitchin, UK

I Can Hear Them Talking... Home Fires

Alright, so as most of you will know, since you read my twitter feed. Home Fires has been unfairly cancelled. Now, that’s not the end, not by a long shot. There’s a petition here

So, I know a lot of you are probably questioning what the hell it is that makes me so furious and fight so damn hard.


This programme is all about a village coming together at war and now the fans are doing the same. I came to Home Fires for one person, then spotted more and more people I liked on the show, and then I started talking to the cast, the crew, the writers and the other fans. They became a part of a family. We were small, once, but we are mighty.


- Patricia Camp, Essex, UK 

"Home Fires presents a positive image of the role of women and women's organizations during a crisis. These characters are not hiding in their homes, crying on the shoulders of their men. They are not poor, helpless creatures. Our young women need strong, capable role models like the women portrayed in Home Fires"

- Evelyn Cronce, Estancia, NM, USA

"I love it - am a WI member and need to know what happens to them all."

- Judy Grundy, Gwaelod-y-garth, UK

"There is so very little of this type of drama on tv today. This drama has been brave in its writing about what people think of as 'modern' issues, domestic abuse, depression, life changing injuries to servicemen and corruption, but has been true to its time and era. Please reconsider and let this drama 'finish' the war years!"

- Therese Wallis, London, UK

"At 72, I was a child of the end of the war, my father in the Fleet Air Arm and my mother alone raising two children. This programme has given such a rich insight into what was the lives my parents lived. I am grateful to have warm insight into what life was really like in the latter years of the war. I begin to appreciate the true courage of both of my parents - they never ever spoke of it. I congratulate the writers, actors and producers for this insight into a period of history which has been often left undocumented. Please have the grace to finish the series."

- Jane Keith-Reid, Suva, Fiji

"The series is so well acted and the story line is so true to life in WWII. The archives from my WI (96 years old) record so many similar events. Please continue the story."

- Jennie Antliff, Guildford, UK

"I live in the village it was filmed and it was great. Apart from that it was a brilliant series"

- Peter Brookfireld, Bunbury, UK

"Home fires is one of the best shows I've seen for a long time! Series 3 please!"

- Stephen Taylor, Durban, South Africa

"Non potete cancellarla!!!"

- Licia Passini, Italy

The Great Paxford Road Trip...

The campaign to Save Home Fires was more than a week old. Having spent a week immersed in thinking, tweeting and talking about this excellent series I made a decision. I would visit Great Paxford to gauge local opinion, take photos and raise awareness of all the wonderful things so many of the #savehomefires community were doing on the programme’s behalf.

And also (if I’m honest) I know there are two rather nice ice-cream farms in the local area so I wasn’t being entirely selfless. And cake would be involved.


- Kitty Laurence, Cheshire, UK 

"Porque no podemos quedarnos sin saber como continúa una/serie tan buena"

- Maria luz acosta del vado , Barcelona, Spain

"I love this show and can't believe anyone chose to cancel this. My friends and I just love this show and trust the powers that be will see what a mistake this decision is turning out to be......"

- Sandra Shier, North Bay, Canada

"I'm signing because Home Fires was a terrific show, centered on British women's lives during the war and had found a distinctive voice this second season. There is an audience here for it in the US. Please bring it back...."

- Luisa Ribeiro, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"It's a brilliant series with so much more mileage!!"

- Kathryn Wolfe, Tonbridge, UK

"I really loved the show and was really looking forward to season 3"

- Valerie Corcoran, Cork, Ireland